General terms and conditions of sale

Anyone wishing to make a reservation has been informed that the premises of the Enclos Rey are part of the site of the Mother House of the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Assumption and that the main occupants of this site are: the Congregation itself, the headquarters of the association Chemins d'Espérance, formerly PARTAGE ACCUEIL, and the GRENELLE Retreat House.


A deposit of 30% is required upon signature of the reservation contract. For groups: booking is confirmed upon receipt of the 30% deposit and the signed booking contract. For bookings more than 6 months away, or for deposits of more than 500 €, the payment of the deposit can be spread out. Failure to pay within the time limit may result in the cancellation of the reservation. The balance will be paid upon arrival for individuals, the last day of the stay for groups.

Confirmation of personnel

Group leaders will be required to specify and confirm their numbers according to the following deadlines: – rooms: 3 months in advance; – meals: 10 days in advance. These numbers will be the basis for invoicing. A margin of 10% less will be tolerated for rooms and meals. The management reserves the right to cancel the reservation if events of force majeure or fortuitous events force it to do so (strike, fire, water damage, etc…).

Annulation totale

For any group cancellation, a 50 € handling fee will be charged. For any individual cancellation, a 15 € handling fee will be charged. For any cancellation made less than 6 months in advance, 50% of the deposit will be retained. For any cancellation made less than 3 months in advance, the amount of the deposit will be kept. Any cancellation made less than 15 days in advance will result in the complete invoicing of the order. For reservation contracts including large venues (North and South America), for any cancellation made less than one year in advance, 40% of the deposit will be retained.

Partial cancellation

In the event of a reduction in the number of employees or the planned duration and for any difference of more than 10%, if we are informed : – less than 3 months and more than 2 months in advance, we charge 20% of the cancellation (rooms and rooms); – less than 2 months, we charge 50% of the cancellation (rooms and rooms); – less than 10 days in advance, we charge 50% of the catering part of the cancellation and 100% of the accommodation part. In the event of late arrival of one or more guests, the service(s) that could not be provided due to the delay will still be invoiced. In the event of a reduction in the number of people in the group, the management reserves the right to allocate a more appropriate meeting room.


For groups, as for individuals, the allocation of rooms remains the responsibility of the management of the Enclos Rey. The management declines all responsibility in the event of damage or theft of equipment stored on the Enclos Rey premises. It is the responsibility of users to take out insurance for their equipment, as well as for their civil liability. The organizer undertakes to restore the premises to their original state (and possibly at its expense) that will have been occupied. Users may not bring any drinks or foodstuffs into the rooms or bedrooms from outside. In case of accommodation for more than 5 days, the user, individual or group, will not be able to oppose a visit by the maintenance team. Anyone who wishes to take photographs is requested to ask the management for written permission. The group organizer will be obliged to bring only persons whose behaviour cannot in any way harm the association or the congregation.

Jurisdiction clause

The Tribunal de Grande Instace de Paris shall have sole jurisdiction over any dispute relating to the present contract.